Hair Loss Causes

Male Pattern Baldness

Changes and consequences associated with a hair loss process are among the least desirable ones among men, for a reason. You can even compare with a menopause.

However, women suffering from menopause-related symptoms and issues can keep it for themselves. On the other hand, you have a “hair loss” problem, which is fully “transparent” in the most embarrassing way.

As soon as you reach 30, it’s no longer possible for you to keep your hair loss a secret. You have to do something about it. It’s also worth noticing and emphasizing that the men aren’t the only suffering from hair loss problems. Women can be affected too. Yet, compared to men, they suffer less and later.

There’s more than one factor that can influence your hair loss issues. Genetics and aging are definitely not telling the whole story. That’s why, you have to start paying attention to the DHT or dehydrotestosterone hormone.

So, what’s this hormone all about? Well, you have to thank this hormone for making you be a man with a deep voice, mustache, and strong muscles. Unfortunately, this hormone is also responsible for the notorious MPB or Male Pattern Baldness.

This hormone is your hair’s follicles killer. It makes it impossible for your hair to grow back again. The production of DHT among women is not as high as among men. That’s the main reason, women don’t suffer in the same way and the same extent as men.

As you’re getting older, the levels and production of DHT levels inevitably increase. More and more of your hair follicles are damaged beyond repair and healing. When the DHT levels reach their maximum the complete baldness is an inevitable outcome. The catch is that the production of this hormone may significantly vary among individuals.

Now, you know why some men are able to keep most of their hair regardless of their age. The DHT is to blame!

Other factors influencing hair loss problems in both women and men:

1. A serious health condition – Very often a hair loss is an indication of a serious illness or disease. For instance, a thyroid disorder or syphilis can cause a rapid and an obvious hair loss problem. Also, chronic kidney dysfunctions can influence the quality of your hair in a negative way.

Male Pattern Baldness

2. Side effects associated with medications – Some drugs, which include amphetamines, warfarin, heparin, lithium, beta-blockers, and levodopa, can be identified as the causes of the loss of your hair. In addition, some medications the patients use for treating cancer can cause hair loss intensively, but temporarily.

3. Hormones - An imbalanced hormones production could influence the normal growth and development of your hair in a negative and an undesirable way. A women's menstrual cycle is an excellent example. Hormonal changes, which take place during the ovulation period, can cause some of the hair to fall off.

4. Zinc deficiency conditions- We’re talking about eczema and diarrhea, where hair loss problems can be associated with the inadequate intake or poor absorption of zinc by our body.

5. Hair abuses – Sometimes, if you’re applying too many treatments to your hair, including bleaching, corn rows, coloring, perming, and similar, can negatively influence the quality of your hair. You should remember that even the use strong shampoo solutions isn’t good for your hair. Therefore, you should make sure that you don’t contribute to your hair loss with all kinds of hair abuses.

6. Giving birth – Very often, women who just gave births tend to lose some of their hair easily and rapidly. We aren’t talking about the complete baldness, but rather about moon crater-like loss of hair. This is a temporary phenomenon, although quite an unpleasant and embarrassing one. Sometimes, a recovery period may take from six months to one year.

There are so many other factors that can cause your hair to fall off. Luckily for you, there’s more than option available for you to deal with your hair loss problem. Although not all of them are as efficient and totally harmless as ProFollica.

You need to be fully aware that each and any of available hair loss solutions can be quite different when it comes to specific requirements, applications, approaches, and processes. For instance, both hair loss surgeries and pills can be quite effective methods. Yet, surgeries can be both expensive and painful.

On the other side, some pills can be associated with harmful side effects. That’s why using the so-called topical products is always a recommended option for both women and men. For instance, one of them is ProFollica, which includes only 100% natural ingredients. This means, you don’t have a thing to worry about while you’re using it.

Forget about old beliefs and ridiculous superstitions because they won’t help you bring back your hair. The last thing you need is to increase your pain and suffer from “solution” that will only make you spend more time and money with no results. The first step toward the healthy and attractive hear leads through the understanding of hair loss causes and symptoms.

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