This is a 100% natural solution for your hair loss problems. Its formula includes a state-of-the-art two-part solution, which comes with the Activator Gel plus Trichogen® and a Daily Supplement. Combining them during the use ensures the fantastic effects for your hair, including the invaluable reduction of harmful DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

Profollica is specially designed to treat the harmful DHT levels. This is undoubtedly the #1 cause of a serious condition called the androgenetic alopecia, which is also known as the undesirable pattern baldness among men. Without any exaggeration, it is responsible for more than 95% of all hair loss cases.
The first component – a Daily Supplement makes sure that you hair loss problem is treated properly. In addition, it strengthens your body with extremely powerful amino acids, herbals, and hair-beneficial ingredients with a proven track record of reducing your DHT levels.
The second component - an Activator Gel plus Trichogen® is specially formulated to stimulate the growth of your new hair.

Here’s a simple truth, you should be fully aware of. As early as possible you start treating your hair loss problem, the sooner you’ll get the positive results. As simple as that. Profollica can do a lot for the regrowth of your lost hair. However, you shouldn’t hesitate.
The great news about Profollica is that you will be able to read all great reviews about its efficiency, and see for yourself. Use it as early as possible, when you start noticing that your hair is becoming thinner.

If you can commit yourself to use Profollica for at least 2 months or 60 days, then we guarantee you the mind blowing results. Why is this worth remembering? Well, it usually takes up to 30 days for your DHT levels to stabilize. Then, you need 30 days more before you notice an impressive hair growth. The more you use it, the better it works for you.
That’s the main reason, you’ll get an unparalleled 60-day long money back guarantee. This is more than enough time to give this product a fair try. Right?

There are so many reasons that can cause your hair loss problem directly or indirectly. Among others we can mention thyroid problems, various medications, and other nutrient deficiencies.
However, the most relevant one is a process referred to as follicle miniaturization. The catch with this process is that free testosterones are converted to DHT. On the other hand, DHT is responsible for attacking your hair follicles, shrinking them until they die.
In more than 95% of all hair loss cases, this is your #1 suspect to blame.

In order to deal with all of your hair loss problems, you need to deal with DHT levels first.

It’s considered “normal” to lose between 60 and 150 hairs every single day. Yet, it’s recommended that you should look for a reliable solution as soon as you hair begins receding.
This is a strong indication that your follicles are seriously weakening and shrinking. You need to make sure that your follicles don’t die out. Because, this is an irreversible process.

The DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is the androgen. This is a male hormone, which is being formed when an enzyme interacts with your free testosterones.
DHT is the #1 enemy when it comes to your hair’s health. The bad news is that the guys with the pattern baldness have a genetic predisposition for their follicles to be damaged, until your hair becomes obviously thin, and eventually it disappears.

It’s always recommended to carefully evaluate the list of ingredients associated with any product you’re planning to use!
This Daily Supplement comes with an impressive list of powerful herbal extracts, enzymes, nutrients, and amino acids, with a proven track record of reducing your harmful DHT levels.

Don’t wash out the Activator Gel, but rather dry the hair and massage it with our product in a gentle way throughout your hair and down to the scalp.

You should know that androgenetic alopecia is currently incurable. All that is possible for you to do for real is to significantly slow down the overall hair loss situation.
The catch is to start dealing with your hair loss problems as early as possible. Profollica improves your chances, but time is critical here. So, don’t hesitate.

You should be fully aware that the prescription drugs represent a serious health risk. We’re talking about some potential side effects, such as impotence and erectile dysfunction. Very often, these unwanted effects can be permanent ones.
On the other hand, you have Profollica, which is doctor-endorsed and includes no known side effects.

You should consult your doctor, in case you have concerns or conditions that may interact with this product in a bad way. Any new supplement you’re about to use should be discussed with your physician, so you can make sure there’s nothing to worry about.
One more time, Profollica is the 100% natural solution for hair loss problems. Rest assured that only the top-quality and purest components are being used in the state-of-the-art c-GMP facilities in the USA.

To this very day, there are no side effects that can be associated with this product. Yet, you should still consult your doctor regarding particular health-related concerns.

This product is designed to deal with the pattern baldness among men. Women can use it, although it’s not recommended for them to do so.

You would be surprised how affordable this product actually is. When our solution is being compared with other similar ones, which usually cost between $90 and $150 on a monthly basis, you get the clear picture.
Not to mention the ridiculously expensive surgeries. In addition, you can get your Profollica through generous discount packages, usually between 3 and 6 months. You should definitely take an advantage of these exciting and very affordable discount packages.

Absolutely! You should give it a fair try for 2 months. In case, you don’t like it, regardless of the specific reasons, feel free to send it back.
You’ll get your money back. No questions asked! Just send back all opened and unopened and we'll ship back your money excluding handling and shipping costs!

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